Brisbane floods, plumbing floods what can we do

//Brisbane floods, plumbing floods what can we do

In the last two years we have seen devastating rain causing flooding to the greater South East Queensland, although we cannot stop the rising water water, we can stop it from entering and causing damage from above.

What’s the difference between rising water and falling water? READ THIS CAREFULLY, Rising water is the uncontrolled water rising from creeks or rivers, water that reaches capacity within a river, creek or a drainage system due to the overwhelming rainfall, CHECK your insurance policy, most say flood damage but it excludes rising water.
So what is FALLING water? This is water that comes from the sky, falls on your property, this can cause damage in many ways.

FALLING water can cause damage just by wetting electrical equipment outside, it may enter your house from a roof leak, it may blow in under doors and through windows, So what can we do to prevent this?

When a storm is likely to hit, shut all your windows and doors, you may place towels at the door base to stop driving rain blowing under, remove all your electrical equipment from the backyard, cover your rain water pump and check your yard for any loose objects that may become missiles in high winds.

There are a few checks you may like to do when you know storm season is approaching, do you have a pump that will remove storm water? Is it clean and free from debris? When was the last time you had your roof and gutter checked? What condition is your storm water drainage in?

If you don’t know the answer or are unsure of the condition, give us a call we can arrange a check-up on the roof, gutters and the drainage. We can report on the condition and health of your system.

Attached is a picture of a flooded carpark I attended over the weekend that could have been prevented with a quick check-up of the system, the repair bill has run into the thousands