Form 4, Notifiable Work. New Power for Plumbers

//Form 4, Notifiable Work. New Power for Plumbers

On November 4 2012, plumbers in Queensland were given authority to certify their own work.

On some renovations and commercial jobs Plumbers in Queensland can self certify under the Plumbing Industries “Notifiable Work”, this means we can certify our installation on some renovation work without having to get authority from council and having to make application for assessment whilst waiting the 10 to 20 business days the approvals take.

The initiative has been brought forward to speed up and save time and money within the building industry, to “give a little boost”.

We can now carry out plumbing in your house to the new extension and renovation, carry out hydrostatic testing and certify the work, straight away so our plasterer can sheet over, and the build can continue without the standard 2 day wait to arrange plumbing inspection.

This does have its drawbacks, the Plumbing industry like every industry has its 1% who will not do the right thing and certify without testing, knowing the work has a small chance of being audited, and do this to save a buck or to shortcut your quote. Always check your tradesmen’s credentials, always ask questions and make sure they are offering you the correct paperwork with the job, If you’re not satisfied every industry has an ombudsman, Plumbing Industry council, Master Builders and of course the Building Services Authority, you have the right to make a phone call if you think the correct avenues have not been pursued .

For more information check out the Department of Housing and Public Works website.