General maintenance, plumbing and other

//General maintenance, plumbing and other

We all get “those” jobs we “should” be looking at but often the television or playing with kids gets in the way. We put them off the first time and they seem to grow to be bigger, so putting them off a second and third time gets easier.

General house maintenance, is usually a simple check and often a small repair, but left alone can continue to a costly large repair.

When it comes to plumbing, you can do a few easy checks of the internal house plumbing and then the external house plumbing, just follow these steps.

  • Do you have drips? Check under your kitchen sink, under basins and around the toilet pan and cistern. You may notice damp spots or water running into the toilet pan.
  • Is there a wet spot? Pipe work under ground may leave wet spots or green spots in the grass or garden, this may be a slow leaking water main or the start of a blocked drain
  • Does your gutter and down pipe flow? When it rains is there a section of eaves gutter that over flows, do you have a down pipe that leaks flowing on to foundations and paths ways. You can do a visual check in light rain to watch for any of these issues.
  • Is your sewer drain flowing properly? Do you have gurgling from any of your drains, are your showers flowing correctly, does your toilet bowl fill up then drain, is your kitchen sink drain getting away slowly.

If you identify these problems early, you can have them repaired before they become a disaster, often, a small repair left untouched will turn into a large or major repair because of the damage it can cause.

If you have any questions regarding any maintenance issues plumbing or other, contact a licensed tradesman for their opinion on the severity, and obtain a quote for the repair. See the “friends of Accuplumb” page at for all our recommended tradesmen.