Long Service

//Long Service

Saturday was a sad day for the Accuplumb Family, We had to say good bye to our oldest Hilux ute. This was the ute that was stolen from Mt Gravatt a few weeks ago. We had found her in the bush stripped out and bogged 100m from where they burn them out. The damage was just too much for her, unfortunately she would be retired, sent on long service.

This ute was my first in Accuplumb. She had seen the conception of Accuplumb, signing of all 3 apprentices, she had taken Camm and Mario around in the early days when 14 hours was a standard working day, and seen Mario thru his apprenticeship to he become a tradesman, she had done 200,000 hard klms and she never gave us 1 second of trouble. We will always miss you ‘ol girl!

Mario was most fond of this ute, he lovingly cared for her like she was his own. Our thoughts are with you Mario.