Sisters are doing it for themselves

//Sisters are doing it for themselves

While going through some recent articles we found this one and thought that its great for the ladies in the “Tradie” workforce to get the attention and recognition that they deserve.

The article states:
Plumbing has always been a blokey profession, but more and more girls are realising what us guys have known all along. It’s the best job in the world.
Of the 14,500 licensed plumbers in Queensland today, 29 are female – and Carlie Wright is one of them. Since undertaking a school-based plumbing apprenticeship in Year 11, Ms Wright has been working in the male-dominated industry, which she said has had its challenges.Now she is trying to make the experience a little easier for other women, launching her website Woman With Wrench (www.womanwithwrench. early this year.The website provides support and information to other females in a trade or who may be considering a career in a trade.

Carlie decided to develop the website because she was often asked to act as a guest speaker at expos and she saw that there was a need for more support and information to encourage other women to enter the industry.

Apart from being a plumber, Carlie is now mother of an 18-month-old so attending expos is not as easy as it used to be. Creating Woman with Wrench has allowed her to continue making a positive impact.

The website allows other female tradies to submit their stories online, providing an even greater range of perspectives for women. There is an Employer section to let people know the benefits of employing a female tradie and Carlie regularly updates the content so it is timely and relevant.

Ms Wright said she was pleased to see more and more female tradies entering the workforce. “The more promotion female tradies get, the more it’s recognised, the more common it will become and the less it will be seen as something different.”